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September 2015 – August 2016

At the beggining of each academic year, we offer a variety of courses to assist children in preparation for their entrance exams. 

Courses are aimed primarily to Year 5 and Year 4 children. 

Tuition is offered in groups with a maximum of 6 pupils or 12 in each group. The smaller groups are more suitable for children who need more individual help, whereas the larger groups focus on more general aspects of Maths, English and Reasoning. See the Course Overview 2015/2016. The courses are held at Park Road Academy Primary School, for this academic year.

If you are interested please email Damian Carr at: enquiries @


We feel that the emphasis on group tuition enables the children to interact with their peers and very often this is useful to them. They can also find this less intimidating than one-to-one. In certain circumstances we can offer one to one tuition but this is more expensive. Please enquire directly for this option.


Payment for each of the courses can be made on the start date of the course.