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: : Our Approach

We understand and appreciate that parents quite rightly want the best education for their children. Preparing your child for their selection exams or the next stage of their education can be a daunting experience. As a result many parents opt for a personal tutor for their child/children. We can provide this for your child and you can be assured of exceptional quality and support from experienced, committed and proven educationalists.

We offer structured learning programmes to enable pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding and to develop techniques and strategies that will enable them to apply this knowledge and understanding leading to successful outcomes.

Assessment forms a key part of this process and the results of such assessments are used to assist us in drawing up programmes of work, on a group or individual basis, to bring about improvement. We can also provide resources to be used at home as part of the programme. There may be an additional cost for these resources should they come from a commercial source.

Entrance Exam tuition includes Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning as required for the Entrance Examinations. These courses will be taught in weekly sessions using a combination of different methods of learning including:

  • Group and individual work
  • Written work/workbook activities
  • ICT resources
  • Practical activities
  • Revision sessions
  • Exam practice
  • Homework

Any issues regarding homework are dealt with at the start of each session. Parents will receive a short written report at the end of each course highlighting areas of strength and weakness.

SATs courses meet the requirements for the SATís Examinations in Year 6 and cover the key areas of the National Curriculum.

We offer diagnostic assessment for those children whose progress is causing concern to identify any specific learning difficulties. We can then draw up a more individual programme of work to help the child to progress.